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Your data is safe everywhere.

Be it on Gerd's phone or an industrial facility.

Escra Logo-07.png

Simplifying complexities:

One log-in for all accesses.

Escra Logo-07.png
Escra Logo-07.png

High-tech security for every budget.

Best value for money.


New work:

1.000 back doors

New work means being able to access industrial equipment and relevant company data from anywhere using any device. Smart, right? An absolute delight for an industry that has made a lucrative business out of spying on companies, blackmailing them and reselling their data. This has become a well-known issue. Since complex problems often lead to even more complex solutions, we have chosen a new approach and are proud to present ESCRAsafe, an affordable and trend-setting solution especially for small and medium-sized enterprises without a large security infrastructure.


We're making remote

reassuringly safe.

ESCRAsafe protects data access - in the home office, abroad or in field service. We encapsulate data in such a way that even in the event of a successful third-party attack, it is not possible to get through to other applications or into central structures. We do this without impeding your access performance. ESCRA is as simple as it is efficient and lets you sleep peacefully.



Technology for Cyber security

The perfect remote access solution for SMEs, built on Zero-TRUST-technology as an open source ecosystem.


Hightech heads,

influenced by the think tank

Spin-off of the DSAI (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) at Saarland University. Europe wide development team.



a safe solution for support

Direct screen access without VPN or TeamViewer risks through secure encapsulation, all with just one log-in.

ESCRAsafe is a model that you can use on-premise or in the cloud of your choice. A subscription gets you regularly updated, state-of-the-art security for a low fee. You're introducing the future of connectivity to your business without any need for extensive training. Find out more - it's worth it.

In cooperation with

Jürgen Barke Cutout_edited_edited.png

"ESCRA GmbH was one of 2021's winning teams at the Saarland Accelerator, an intensive program for particularly promising Saarland startups funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digital and Energy. The topic of IT security is of enormous importance in today's world. I am pleased that we have important market players in Saarland with the CISPA Institute for IT Security and its university spin-offs, such as ESCRA GmbH.“

Jürgen Barke

Minister of Economy, Innovation, Digital and Energy

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