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Digital sovereignty for Europe.

                        Everyone profits - you especially.


VPN is nice.

ZeroTRUST is safe.

The restructuring of the working world towards standardized home offices makes it essential to be able to access relevant company data from anywhere. However, this has also drastically changed the requirements for cybersecurity. While working from home offers many advantages, it also opens up new attack vectors for cybercriminals. With ESCRAsafe we have developed a product for you that offers an affordable and trend-setting solution for large companies as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises and reliably protects your data for you.

ESCRAsafe – fast, simple, safe.

7 good reasons to improve your remote access security.

  1. The quickest access tool in the world - accessible through any common browser, no installation needed

  2. No more danger from insecure devices thanks to browser isolation

  3. Traceability: protection through video recording and auditing

  4. ESCRAsafe is remote access security "made in Germany"

  5. IEC 62443 KRITIS-certification (accompanied by K4.DIGITAL)

  6. Transparency: central management of all connections

  7. Micro-segregation reimagined. Simple and highly secure



Perfection via open source

The swarm does not err. There are always minds out there that can help improve things. That's an opportunity we're more than happy to take advantage of.


Complete digital

sovereignty is non-negotiable.

Whoever owns the data owns everything. As the ways to appropriate other people's data get smarter, so should we.


Micro-segregation -

Seperate your networks!

Collaboration and direct connection do not have to be synonymous. Seperate your Data for worry-free collaboration.

ESCRAsafe is your remote access.

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How it works:

ESCRAsafe gives you and your employees the fastest possible remote access. With ESCRAsafe all accesses take place directly in your browser without a client installation.

Flexibly select the type of access you want.Whether it's just mirroring a user session, a remote desktop connection, or if you want to do a simple SSH, ESCRAsafe supports you with any common protocol.

You have a plan?
You have a choice.

ESCRAsafe can be booked in three versions: As BASE version, as PLUS version and as MAX version. We're happy to advise you on which product is right for you.


  • up to 10 Clients

  • Cloud Watch/SIEM

  • ESCRA Server

  • Event-Filter


  • up to 60 Clients

  • OKTA-Integration

  • ESCRA Server

  • Malware-Scanner


  • up to 150 Clients

  • APP-Streaming

  • ESCRA Server

  • BigFile-Scanner

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