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to save your data from foreign interference

Thinking outside the box

Certainty is near.


Knowing you can be absolutely confident that nothing on your desktop can be put to unauthorized use feels reassuring, doesn't it? Transferring third-party data and programs to your PC is an especially ciritcal issue. After all, who's to say that your counterpart is who you think he, she or it is ... ESCRAdesk is the fastest and leanest solution to ensure secure access to your device. Go ahead and give it a try - no annoying installations necessary.

ESCRAdesk - no installation necessary.
Good reasons to get a new desktop viewer.

Full data sovereignty thanks to your own server

Individually customizable user group - only people you have authorized. Attacks via social engineering are rendered impossible.

Connection to third party identity providers

Option to switch to higher levels of authorization at any time

High-end virus scanner

Open source: collective design, limitless growth

Security through IEC62443

ESCRAdesk keeps spies away.

ESCRAdesk wants to know exactly who is trying to access your systems. Secure identification of the other parties and verification of transferred data is something that Teamviewer & others only offer you as a part of expensive subscription models.

Trust in ESCRAdesk.

Hightech. Made in Germany for European Clients.

How it works:

You have a plan? You have a choice

ESCRAdesk is available to you starting right now. As a free version or as part of an extensive security plan. Go ahead and try it out.

  • Browser-based

  • Access for all devices

  • ESCRA Server

  • Malware-Scanner

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