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to save your mirroring sessions from interference

Thinking outside the box

Certainty is near.


Knowing you can be absolutely confident that nothing on your desktop can be put to unauthorized use feels reassuring, doesn't it? Transferring third-party data and programs to your PC is an especially ciritcal issue. After all, who's to say that your counterpart is who you think he, she or it is ...

ESCRAdesk is the fastest and leanest way to ensure secure access to all devices. Our browser-based approach to mirroring allows for extremely quick access without sacrificing security. Go ahead and give it a try - no annoying installations necessary.

Secure mirroring for all

We believe that high-level cyber security and quick remote access should not be a luxury. ESCRA aims to take the expertise we develop with our KRITIS customers and pass the fruits of our labor on to the community. That is why we've decided to launch ESCRAdesk FOSS, a free version of ESCRAdesk. Includes free updates and fixes. Upgrades to a paid license and integration into ESCRAsafe are always possible, but never necessary. No subscriptions, no hidden costs – just the quickest mirroring solution around, completely free of charge. See for yourself & try it out today:


What makes ESCRAdesk better than the rest?
Some core features for your consideration

Your own dedicated server gives you full data sovereignty

Individually customizable user groups - only people you have authorized. Social engineering attacks are futile

Easily define & switch between different levels of authorization

Easy & extensive key management

High-end virus scanners secure all transfers

Easy connection to third party identity providers

KRITIS-compliant security standards: our processes & products adhere to IEC62443 guidelines (certification in progress)

Open-Source: collective design, unlimited growth

ESCRAdesk keeps intruders away

ESCRAdesk wants to know exactly who is trying to access your system. Secure, multi-factor identification and easily customizable user policies, user groups and levels of authorization make sure no unauthorized access or actions can take place.

Because ESCRAdesk is browser-based, users are not directly integrated into the networks they are accessing, but rather interact with an advanced, interactive image of the device through their browser. This ensures that users have no access to the device or network outside of what is explicitly permitted in their user policy. It also ensures malware cannot spread through ESCRAdesk's connection.

Data transfer between devices is still possible if authorized, and is secured by a multitude of virus scanners & additional security options.

How it works:


ESCRAdesk is now available for you, as a premium or a FOSS-version.

Contact us with your application scenarios or download ESCRAdesk FOSS and experience the future of remote access yourself:

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