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Strategic partnerships are crucial in order to combine strengths and grow together. A prime example of this is the collaboration between ESCRA, an up-and-coming startup offering ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) remote access solutions, and us, ayedo, an innovative provider of cloud hosting and Kubernetes management services. This partnership has not only strengthened the individual offerings of both companies, but has also set new standards in the industry.

The challenge

ESCRA, known for its highly secure ZTNA solutions, was faced with the task of providing a seamless and highly available infrastructure for its remote access solutions. This required a scalable and reliable cloud platform that could meet complex security requirements while delivering excellent performance. Conventional hosting solutions for remote support proved to be inadequate in terms of cost, performance and scalability.

The solution

This is where we came in. With our expertise in Kubernetes and Docker containerization, we offered a range of managed services designed to optimize cloud performance and ensure cost efficiency. By partnering with us, ESCRA was able to migrate their ZTNA solutions to a containerized environment, significantly improving the scalability and reliability of their services.


  • Migration to Kubernetes: Our team of experts facilitated the seamless migration of the ZTNA applications from ESCRA to Kubernetes. This transition was supported by planning, extensive testing and careful execution to minimize disruption.

  • Optimized resource management: By leveraging our Managed Kubernetes- services, ESCRA was able to dynamically allocate resources to ensure peak performance during peak times without incurring unnecessary costs during quieter periods.

  • Increased security and compliance: Our advanced security protocols and compliance with international international standards ensured that ESCRA's ZTNA solutions from remained secure and compliant with industry regulations.


  • Improved performance: Migrating to Kubernetes enabled ESCRA to achieve higher availability and improved performance of their ZTNA solutions.

  • Cost savings: The efficient use of resources significantly reduced operating costs.

  • Global reach: The expanded infrastructure enabled ESCRA to offer its services worldwide with consistently high quality.

Advantages for ayedo:

  • Expansion of the customer portfolio: The collaboration with a leading provider of ZTNA solutions has expanded our customer portfolio and opened up new market segments.

  • Innovation incentives: ESCRA's requirements have motivated us to develop innovative solutions and further improve existing services.

  • Market presence: The successful partnership has strengthened our market presence and positioned us as a leading provider of Kubernetes and cloud hosting services.

Customer feedback

ESCRA's customers praised the improved user experience, including faster connections, increased security and uninterrupted service even during periods of high demand. This positive feedback underlines the success of the partnership and the tangible benefits it has brought.

Future prospects

The partnership between ESCRA and ourselves continues to evolve, with plans to explore new technologies and improve service offerings. Future initiatives include using our edge computing solutions to bring services closer to end users, further reducing latency and improving the user experience.


The collaboration between ESCRA and us is an impressive example of the power of strategic partnerships in the technology industry. By combining ESCRA's expertise in ZTNA solutions with our expertise in cloud hosting and Kubernetes management, both companies have achieved significant milestones, delivered exceptional value to customers and set new standards in the industry.

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