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NEGZ: ESCRA joins the National E-Government Competence Center e.V.-A step into the future of digital administration

We are pleased to announce that ESCRA has officially become a member of the National E-Government Competence Center e.V. (NEGZ). This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of digital administration solutions.

A new chapter in our history

Joining NEGZ is a significant milestone for ESCRA. As an emerging company in the provision of software solutions for public administration, our goal is to actively shape the transformation of the digital landscape in Germany. By working with NEGZ, we gain access to a broad network of experts and resources that will help us to further improve our technologies and services.

What does this mean for our customers?

By becoming a member of NEGZ, ESCRA is committed to not only enhancing the quality of its products, but also fostering collaboration between public administrations and the technology industry. For our customers, this means

Access to innovative solutions: We will integrate the latest knowledge and

technology into our software to provide you with even more efficient and secure


Improved services: With the support of the NEGZ network, we can optimize our

services and respond more quickly to specific needs and requirements.

Pioneering role in standards and best practices: As a member of NEGZ, we are at

the forefront of the development of standards and best practices in e-government,

which brings you as a customer direct benefits in the application of our solutions.

Look to the future with us

Joining NEGZ is just the beginning. We are determined to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from this cooperation and to drive forward the digital transformation in Germany. Follow us on our blog and social media to stay up to date and find out more about our projects and initiatives in collaboration with NEGZ.

We invite all interested parties to get in touch with us and learn more about our solutions and the benefits of our partnership with NEGZ. Together we are shaping the future of digital administration!

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